Oyaide Tấm Dán Lọc Điện MWA 030S/030L
Giá Đơn vị tính
792.000 VND Tấm 10x15cm
2.400.000 VND Tấm 21x29cm

Noise-canceling electromagnetic wave absorber

The environment surrounding audio equipments can besaid always a battle against a noise. For example, digital electronicssuch as a CD player, a TV, a BD recorder, and a PC generate widebandelectromagnetic noise due to their motor and switching circuit. And, bypower supply circuit, a general AV equipment generates commutation noisewhich affects a whole system by transmitting power and signal path.Furthermore, such noise content deteriorates S/N ratio and resolutionof audio and ruins sharpness and vividness of visual.

Although we had formally produced the manganese electromagnetic waveabsorber, "MSI-30 series", we have started developing a new model foroffering further technical advantages. The concepts we emphasized arethe effective audio denoising and maintaining vividness and realistic ofsound /visual.

In developing, we focused on "Sendust alloy" whichdoesn't exert a bad influence to the quality and has strong noiseabsorbing property. And it has been regarded as a material which isexpensive and difficult to be processed and powderized.
By cooperation with a highly-skilled manufacturer, we achievedprocessing sendust alloy to the rounded powder which has strongelectromagnetic wave absorbing property.

The powered-up "MWA series" shut out noise content from yourequipments or cables and contribute to actualize clear and livelysound/visual projection. 

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