Nano Liquid
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4.320.000 VND Chai - 2ml
High End Performance NANO Liquid Contact Enhancer

Revives old connections and improves new connections
Incredible Nano Liquid’s molecules are so tiny they “fill up” any air bubble holes left during the plating process when brushed onto connectors. The result is much better contact between metal surfaces. Nano Liquid is a result of Furutech’s Total Attention to Detail regarding every aspect of signal transmission. Use only a little!

This product is super-micro particle(with nano-meter technology) made by two material

 i.e. pure Gold and pure Silver. The particle diameter is 8 Nm Max., i.e. 8/1,000,000mm. 2 cc/pcs

Illustration of the Nano Liquid Efficiency
1. Squalene Oil can remove oxide...etc, from the surface of metal, make the surface clean and pollutant free, activate metal surface.

2. Apply the principle of atomic adsorption to make gold & silver super-micro particle can be adhered to metal surface averagely; Fill concave-convex section on surface, increase electric conduction area and debase impedance (Ω).

3. Meanwhile, stable Squalene Oil can form a layer protective film on the surface of metal to prevent oxidation happen again. Utilize it’s excellent adsorbed effect to make gold & silver super-micro particle average and adhere to surface of metal stably.



1.Audio aspect: An overall improvement in high, medium and low frequency sound. Volume, echo, extension, penetration, resolution and level feeling, Q degree and shape feeling are improve exceptionally.

2.Video aspect: Improved resolution, sharpness, color, brightness, background deepness

and the graphical quality.

3.Computer aspect: Improved conductivity, decrease in impedance in each terminal, and prevents CPU over heating and delivers smooth and stable operation. Reduces shut down times.

4.When used with High pulse,large current connections: Prevents over heating, saves energy and reduces shut down times. (Breakdown)

5.All kinds of plug, socket. Press connection aspect: Activate the metal surface, increase the conduction surface and upgrade conductivity.

6.All kinds of sliding, rolling switch..... Dynamic connection aspect: Strengthen the cleanness, protection and lubrication effect of the contact surface and increase the conductivity. Eliminate the oxidization phenomenon and increase the product life.

7.All kinds of motor's brush... current conduction aspect: Strengthen the cleanness, protection and lubrication effect of the contact surface and increase the conductivity. Eliminate the oxidization phenomenon, avoid any spark and wearing of the contact surface and increase the life of brush and horsepower.

8.Measuring, communication and medication equipment: Improve the conductivity, lubrication and protection. Avoid any mal-function.


1.A/V equipment: RCA PIN, Jacket, Cannon connector, speaker terminal, AC Power plug for Amp. CD/VCD/DVD/MD and TV.

2.Computer equipment: connecting terminal and terminal seat for Monitor, Key board, hard disk, modem and printer, AC power plug, sound card.

3.All types of electronic and electric products: battery connection point,
AC power plug.

4.Can be used in power Tool, all kinds of motor brush, measurement, communication and medical equipment and instruments.

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