Oyaide MWA-EC
MWA cover caps for receptacle holes prevent from vibration, noise and dust
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17 USD Bộ 4 cái

The original Magnetic Wave Absober, MWA series, was released in 2009and become very popular for its sure effect against noise generated byelectoric magnatic wave around equipments.

MWA-EC created by the develpment that we applied this MWA material onthe top of receptacle cap for preventing EMA, noise and dust altogetherwith very easy usage which just plug it into the receptacle hole.

「MWA-EC」 features

・ Just push it in the receptable hole which is not used.
・Easily detached by grabing the grip.
・The material of the body is polypropylene which damps tiny vibrations of the contacts.
・ 1mm thick MWA electric wage absorber attenuates noise from the contacts.
・The cover cap prevent dust incopration and troubles caused by dust.
・Multiple use enhanses the effects.

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