Oyaide Bạc thiếc hàn SS-47 (50gram)
Chì hàn có bạc 4.7%, đồng 1.7%, nặng 50g
Giá Đơn vị tính
720.000 VND Cuộn 50g
Material / compounding ratio
We know the fact that the sound quality is related to the purity of a material.
Compared to general solders which usually contain 3N (99.9%) pure tin, SS-47 contains 4N (99.993%) pure tin achieved by excluding impurities to the maximum.
Furthermore, 4.7% silver and 1.7% copper are contained for the purpose of improvement of electric conductivity and durability. By this compounding ratio, the electric conductivity was improved spectacularly and we achieved to set eutectic point to 217℃.

Regardless of your soldering skills, you will be surprised its workability and beautiful finish. We have considered the importance of Skin Effect, the tendency of an alternating electric current (AC) to distribute itself within a conductor so that the current density near the surface of the conductor is greater than that at its core. The surface of SS-47 doesn't disturb the electric signal flow and prevent the electric turbulence.
In addition, you can finish soldering process in seconds when you use 40W soldering iron. Because of Its dissolution temperature is 217℃ (eutectic point), SS-47 is chilled quickly and doesn't damage other materials.
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