Oyaide Cleaning Stick EC
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Cleaning fs2gm simple with OYAIDE cleaning stick EC (one bag of six-pack) outlet, a cable, the electrode of the connector
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OYAIDE cleaning stick EC (one bag of six-pack)

It is the placethat many audio system lovers already know that the product quality ofthe power supply accessories such as the wall outlet, power supplycable, power supply tap for audio systems greatly controls sound qualityof the audio system reproduction. However, when the electrode of thesepower supply accessories is stained, it causes increase of the contactresistance and the outbreak of the noise, and sound quality decreasesremarkably. However, there was often it in the depths of the slit-formedplug hole and was not able to clean the electrode of these power supplyaccessories easily. In addition, it was difficult to remove the oxidefilm as the main cause of the dirt with the conventional cleaning fluidand point of contact revival agent.

It is the cleaning item whichimpregnated abrasives and wax to the stick-formed felt which "thecleaning stick EC" is thin, and is firm. It is electrically insulativeand is superior and sticks felt cloth for softness that is most suitablefor abrasion on the glass epoxyboard which is hard to be broken even ifI bend it thinly. Ultrafine abrasives included in the felt remove anoxide film and dust stuck to an electrode strongly. Higher fattyacid-based wax superior in a protection power controls the re-formationof the oxide film to an electrode.
As well as the electrode of thepower supply plug, I can easily clean the outlet which had difficulty incleaning and the electrode of the IEC connector conventionally, and"the cleaning stick EC" draws the performance to the maximum. Not onlyan audio system, it is available to a general wall outlet or OA tap ofthe home. I can clean the point where had difficulty in USB terminal ofthe PC, cleaning including the electrode of the memory card surelysimply and can expect improvement effects such as the poor contact.

■Attention in the use
・When you clean an outlet, please drop a breaker.
・When you clean a power supply tap and a power supply cable, please take it off the outlet.
・Please employ IEC connector use, a shameless person for outlets in the one where the tip is narrow.
・I outrun you several times perpendicularly and shine and, to theelectrode of the outlet /IEC connector, do it, and, please clean it.
・If felt comes loose and turns black, please use a new stick.
・I bend a stick, and, please do not come in to an electrode diagonally.
・Because abrasives and wax fall out, the washing in water is not possible.
・When you use a point of contact revival agent together, please apply this product after use.
・Please clean half once a year in an aim.
・Please do not become the use by a wet hand.
・Because plating might become thin, please avoid the excessive cleaning.

I stick ultrafine abrasives / wax component felt on materials glass epoxyboard.
A trapezoid of shape upper side 4mm/ lower base 6mm/ 50mm in length. Thickness 1.5mm.
The outlet mouth of a use wall outlet and the power supply tap, pointof contact cleaning of a power supply cable plug audio system cable,USB, the memory card. (dry process cleaning)
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