Furutech Chì Hàn Mạ Bạc S-070
Giá Đơn vị tính
2.400.000 VND Cuộn 30m
Betterment type solder
Alloy: Silver 4%+ Tin 96%
Ersin/362, Flux/5 Core
Diameter: 0.70mm
Weight: 250 grams/Reel

Melting point: 220℃
Furutech recommended soldering Iron Temp: 380-450℃ approx.
Furutech recommended soldering time: 15 seconds approx
Furutech solder is designed to give fast and sustained wetting on both copper and brass. After 5 seconds, a measured spread area indicates total flux efficacy. Furutech solder out-performs competitor products, which require a higher flux content and leave more residue and have poorer spread.
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