ViaBlue Thread Sticks
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10 USD Bộ 4 cái


ViaBlue™ High-End Technologies

Item: Thread:
50134 M6/M4
50135 M6/M8
50136 M6/M10
50137 M6/M12
50140 M6/¼"-20 UNC
Unit: 4 Pieces each

Product description:

ViaBlue™ QTC and HS spikes include M6 thread sticks. Optionally other types with thread sizes M4, M8, M10, M12 and M6/¼"-20 UNC are available. Spikes can be installed easily by using the right thread type fitting to your speaker's build in threads.

Technical specifications:
  • Basic height: 15 mm
  • Max diameter: M4 to M12
  • Max load: 200 KG / set
  • Colour: black
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