The name says it all. Detail Price: 150 USD
Oval 12/2 is a CL3 (UL) rated cable for in wall use. It uses the same patented hollow oval design as the Oval 9, but in a smaller 12 gauge oxygen free copper. Detail Price: 190 USD
Hollow Oval Design ! Detail Price: 290 USD
Analysis Plus Black Oval 9 Speaker Cables and Micro Copper Oval-In Interconnects Detail Price: 800 USD
Detail Price: 1,200 USD
True high end cables for audiophiles! Detail Price: 2,000 USD
So impressing! Soundstage. Detail Price: 2,700 USD
3D drawing showing 9 AWG hollow oval conductor inside a hollow oval conductor inside a hollow oval conductor. This speaker cable is double shield for the lowest noise floor and best performance. It is an extremely fast and detailed cable. You can hear your amp breath and will hear things you have never heard on your recording before. Detail Price: 3,500 USD