Synergistic Research cables are developed through objective measurements, advanced active technologies, and proprietary cable geometries. We voice each of our cables through a series of subjective listening tests to select material combinations that will enable each cable design to reproduce music that is as close to live as possible.

At Synergistic Research, we’re all about creating synergy. We focus on you, your goals, your desire to hear beautiful music at home. We know the importance music plays in your life, and we strive to make your musical experiences as fulfilling as possible. We know because we are passionate about music, just like you are. We’re driven to take music to the next level and just like you, we love nothing more then to retreat to our home systems and get lost in music, if only for an hour or two per day. In these difficult times, we find music brings peace and the energy to soldier on in the face of adversity. In short, music is more important than ever, and we will never lose site of our commitment to bringing you innovative solutions and a sincere desire to help you realize your audio dreams.

Quantum Tunneling
A cable in the Quantum Tunneling process - 2 million volt !

Over the years, we’ve isolated four key aspects of system setup, and developed products based on these findings. When properly matched, Synergistic Research creates balance in your system.