In 2003, we started Agora Acoustics with the belief that the real maestros in music ought to be none other than the customers we are to serve. In other words, you are destined to be the maestros, and the players of your orchestra are standing in line not far from you. The only thing missing from them is a simple touch of expertise from you.

Left alone, they remain mere pieces of mute hardware occupying a corner of your precious space. Once being hooked up and the power turned on, however, they will come alive as virtuoso members with their eyes not only wide open, but also fixed on you. The ingrained finesse, inimitable charisma, and undeniable musical quality as well as the knowledgeable perception --- some attributes of yours will flare up the people in the audience along with those on stage.

welding01.jpgAgora Acoustics produces essential accessories that will certainly come in handy as props to the maestro's needs. The products are made up of general items, ranging from equipment racks to loudspeaker stands, and the specially engineered room-tuning aids together with the professional anti-vibration tools.

Our 'handcrafted' products are authentic down to the details as we claim. Furthermore, it is our pride that we have designed them with an aesthetic appreciation for the sound. You deserve the finest workmanship because you share the same appreciation with us. Any compromise at the expense of the 'handcraft' quality from the designing stage down to the final touch ends up being a matter beyond our consideration. Manufacturing by hand, except for a few confined procedures, requires a lot of time and effort, consequently preventing us from producing in mass quantity. To our regret, the pleasure of possession will, for the time being, have to serve limited number of maestros for we may not be able to meet all the demands en masse. woodcraft.jpg

We could have done differently if our sole pursuit had been the beauty of the outward appearance. On the contrary, we are well aware that is against the real interest of the maestros. To enable the utmost capacity from the individual members, the inevitable choice for us was to close in on the performance and functionality. The time-proven method of the traditional finger-joining wood artisanship, made possible exclusively by our skilled technicians, has been consistently applied to the solid  wood product-lines. At the same time, the cutting-edge dexterity in welding and heat treatment warrants our metal products sturdy and reliable enough to overwhelm competing common goods with poor finishing. Once you feel it with your sight and touch, you will be convinced that it proves to be even better than the photo images.

They say that lovers of music and flowers might be endowed with a privilege to be free from hospitals and prison. Who should we expect to have more vibrant and healthy spirits than our own customers? In an environment so barren as pollutants flying all over around you, you can still manage to go about your way because you keep the music playing just beside you. The biggest blessing for us may lie in the realization that people as such could be our prospective customers.

Thank you.
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