Interconnect Cables
Jack RCA (1 meter) Detail Price: 74.400.000 VND
Jack RCA (1 meter) Detail Price: 36.000.000 VND
Jack RCA, XLR (1-2 meter) Detail Price: 38.400.000 VND
The least expensive of the Synergistic Research Quantum Tunneled cables sets a new standard for high end performance at an affordable price. Detail Price: 6.720.000 VND
Au-79 is named for the symbol and atomic number of gold on the Periodic Table of Elements, and is our most affordable cable, with Quantum Tunnelling standard. Detail Price: 12.000.000 VND
Độ minh bạch ở giải âm cao và trung cộng với âm trầm sâu rộng đáng kinh ngạc ! Detail Price: 31.200.000 VND
New 2010! Amazing Technology With Galileo Series! Detail Price: 36.000.000 VND
Speaker Cables
Silver Copper Matrix: Mono crystal conductors with a separate ground conductor from shield Detail Price: 120.000.000 VND
Silver Matrix: Mono crystal conductors with a separate ground conductor from shield Detail Price: 84.000.000 VND
Silver Copper Matrix: separate with ground conductor from shield Detail Price: 31.200.000 VND
Power Cables
Synergistic Research celebrates their 20th Anniversary with release of the best non-Active Shielding AC cable they have ever developed, the 20th Anniversary Edition of the AC Master Coupler Detail Price: 14.400.000 VND
Synergistic Research USA Best Hiend Cables Detail Price: 16.800.000 VND
Synergistic Research Element Tungsten (new CES 2013) Detail Price: 21.600.000 VND
Detail Price: 6.000.000 VND
Bulk Cables
Using 18 AWG Silver Matrix center conductor, formulated to exceed the specifications of any other on the market. Detail Price: 720.000 VND
Quantum Fuse
Detail Price: 3.120.000 VND
Acoustic Room Treatment
The ATM module increases the number of Scenes available to the Atmosphere Detail Price: 96.000.000 VND
Improve ground performance on our new Atmosphere Series interconnects and speaker cables Detail Price: 14.400.000 VND
Introducing the latest application of our UEF Technology (Uniform Energy Field) initially developed for HFTs- High Frequency Transducers and FEQ- Frequency equalizer. Detail
Price: 7.200.000 VND
The High Frequency Transducers are very small aluminum cylindrical objects with an inverted cone at their tops. Detail
Price: 7.200.000 VND
New 2010! The MiG’s (Mechanical Interface Grounding are a must audition for anyone seeking organic natural sound. Detail
Price: 4.800.000 VND
The little brother of the $3150 Acoustic ART room tuning system. Detail Price: 14.400.000 VND