Science is our goal, Listening is your target.

In 2010 we at Chario Loudspeakers celebrated our first 35 years, andwe are proud to have spent so much time doing the thing we dreamed of:Music as to be our primary job.

Today Chario Loudspeakers is far more the biggestHigh-Definition-Home-Listening speaker systems manufacturer in Italy andamong the first brand names all over the world. Rigorous research anddevelopment engagement together with an end-user oriented corporatepolicy are meant to be our professional ethics.Furthermore, at the very beginning we soon recognized Psychoacousticsscience to be the preferred acoustical engineering background forHigh-Definition speaker designing, leading to a better comprehension ofhuman auditory system. In fact we can recognize and measure exceedinglycomplex mechanical oscillations but it's our mind that works the miraclegiving the acoustical vibrations their own right feelings to turn theminto sounds. Many people repeatedly tried to define this astonishingprocess but its essence escapes every linguistic code. We at CharioLoudspeakers really don't care about it.We simply call it Music.

But let's say about the milestones that made our firm to be successfulthrough the years...

...Science is our goal, Listening is your target.