Synergistic Element Copper 1,5m
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16.450.000 VND Sợi 1,5m

Element Copper AC Power Cord

Synergistic Research Element Copper AC Power Cord

Our new Element Copper AC Power Cord features pure OFC copperconductors suspended in Actively Shielded Air Dielectrics, so nothinggets between you and the rich sound of copper. In fact, the ElementCopper perfectly exemplifies the dynamic and powerful nature of copper,with musicality and dynamics in equal measure. Element Copper is themost flexible power cord we’ve ever made, so it’s perfect for lightweight components, and can maneuver even the tightest racks and audioinstallations with ease.

Synergistic Research Enigma Tuning Circuits

Element Copper sounds dynamic and musical, with bass energy and slamthat belies it’s thin and flexible form. PRAT was a word used some yearsago to describe the British sound, and is an acronym for “Pace, Rhythm,and Timing”. We feel this perfectly describes the initial impressionone gets when installing an Element Copper AC Power Cord into a systemfor the first time. You hear the essence of musicality; toe tappingrhythm and bass in perfect step with the music.

Synergistic Research G07 AC Wall Plugs and IEC Plugs

3 geometries running in parallel:
(1) Handmade Actively Shielded Pure Copper Air String Geometry
(1) 3rd Gen Actively Shielded High Current Tricon Geometry
(1) Pure Copper High Current Geometry

(1) G-07 Gold Signal Path Wall Plug, available in 120V and 220V Schuko versions
(1) G-07 Gold Signal Path IEC component connection

Active Shielding
Powered by (1) MPC 24V DC power supply (included)

3 Enigma Tuning Circuits for Active Shielding:
(1) Black: warmest balance
(1) Silver: open and airy high frequencies
(1) Grey: Hybrid of Black and Silver

Construction Notes
Element Copper is 100% handmade in our California factory, build time is 4 hours.

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