Yes, the rumors are true! The audio architects at Aesthetix have been hard at work developing the all new Pandora DAC and Romulus CD Player & DAC. Detail
The CD-777 Compact Disk Processor upholds the AMR tradition of developing the most musically engaging components; by taking classic and modern audio approaches that are simple in concept, but challenging in execution Detail Price: 117.500.000 VND
C.E.C - TL1N
A double belt-drive CD transport combining unique belt-drive engineering with advanced digital technology. It represents a higher level of music reproduction. Detail
The long history of CEC’s CD Belt-Drive Mechanism has achieved its most refined phase. The replacement of the rubber belt that may be done by yourself. Detail Price: 42.300.000 VND
Detail Price: 70.500.000 VND
Cyrus Products
It has always been our guiding principle that technologies developed for the X series should trickle down to the other ranges Detail Price: 32.900.000 VND
The CD 8 SE builds on the design features established by the previous award-winning CD8, by adding further enhancements made available by the technology of the high-end DAC X D/A Converter Detail Price: 44.650.000 VND
Music Hall
“…These are the roots of rhythm and the roots of rhythm remain,” Paul Simon, Under African Skies. Detail Price: 11.750.000 VND
The cd35.2 is the outstanding sequel to the highly acclaimed cd25.2. In crafting the cd35.2 Detail
“…These are the roots of rhythm and the roots of rhythm remain,” Paul Simon, Under African Skies Detail Price: 14.100.000 VND
Prima Luna
New 2012! The new CD ProLogue 8 with innovative PTP "Power Transformer Protection" Detail
Coming Soon! The next generation ProLogue Premium CD Player is an engineering marvel –a cd player that sets a new benchmark in high-performance audio. Detail
Detail Price: 51.700.000 VND