Listening to music on small-sized systems is a reasonable and quite understandable preference, given that they are easily installed in many venues. Detail Price: 168.000.000 VND
Studio-quality Speakers Designed by Phil Jones Detail Price: 26.880.000 VND
Hi-Res Audio Designed By Phil Jones Detail Price: 17.040.000 VND
Hi-Res Audio with wireless subwoofer Detail Price: 11.280.000 VND
Versatile speakers equipped for authentic audio Detail Price: 7.440.000 VND
Rich and Detailed Sound Detail Price: 4.680.000 VND
Modern Sound-Classic Design Detail Price: 3.840.000 VND
Add Joy to your Music Detail Price: 3.000.000 VND
Studio-quality sound. No strings attached Detail Price: 19.560.000 VND
Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf 2.0 Speaker Detail Price: 12.360.000 VND
Neat Acoustic
With the Totem Mite, discover a micro-monitor with precise focus, realism and defined bass extension that reach well beyond established precepts Detail Price: 21.600.000 VND
It’s sound-stage is exemplary and out of this small box you would never expect such a deep and rich bass, it has a certain clarity not seen in this price category. Detail Price: 30.000.000 VND
Designed for our 30th Anniversary Detail Price: 68.400.000 VND